Ep #363

Women’s soccer roundup & WNBA Canada Game preview

May 02, 2024
Women’s soccer roundup & WNBA Canada Game preview

Guess what…it’s (already) May!

Today’s episode of The GIST of It is all women’s sports, all the time. Co-hosts Ellen Hyslop and Steph Rotz kick things off with women’s soccer, first diving into Project ACL, a research initiative examining the environmental factors influencing the knee injury epidemic in the women’s game, before discussing allegations that may keep Zambia’s team out of the Paris Olympics.

Then get ready to hoop in part two, as the gals preview the second-ever WNBA Canada game, a preseason battle between the LA Sparks and the Seattle Storm that’s going down this Saturday in Edmonton.

Big shout out to Aflac for supporting today’s episode! Just like The GIST tackles the gap in women’s sports coverage, Aflac closes the gap that health insurance leaves behind. Learn more at aflac.com.

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