Hockey FAQs

Hockey FAQs

Why do hockey players only wear half a face visor? Don’t they get hit?

Oh gosh. The helmet controversy. This is a tough one. Back in the day and we mean wayyyy back in the day, hockey players didn’t even wear helmets. Crazy right? Then, finally, somebody gave their head a good shake and said, “I think wearing helmets would be a good idea.”

In certain leagues (including in women’s hockey), and up to a certain age, players are required to wear full-cage helmets. In the pros, however, you have to be at least 18 years old to wear a visor. Wearing a visor gives players more visibility and breathing room, but obviously less protection. Many players don’t even wear visors at all, and it’s not an NHL rule that they have to. 

Still, some teams have made it a rule that their players must wear visors, and some teams have made it a rule to wear helmets during warm-ups after a few too many accidents.

Why is hockey so popular in Canada? Why are there so many teams compared to basketball and baseball?

Because hockey is Canada’s sport! Canada invented hockey, is obsessed with hockey and has the climate for it! Canadians are born with ice in their veins. What more do you need to know?