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The GIST's Quick Hits: WTF Edition (March 25, 2021)


Referee Tim Peel must’ve missed last week’s newsletter

March 25, 2021
Soure: Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire
Soure: Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire

🏒NHL: Referee Tim Peel must’ve missed last week’s newsletter when we reminded assholes everyone that the mic is always hot. Peel “no longer will be working NHL games” after he was caught admitting that he wanted to call a penalty against the Nashville Predators and found a way to make it happen. Power trip much?

🏈NFL: Washington Football Team (WFT) part-owner Dan Snyder was given the all-clear from the NFL to buy out the team’s minority investors and (along with his mother and sister) obtain nearly full ownership. That said, Snyder has not been cleared yet by Beth Wilkinson, the attorney still investigating the WFT for 15 years’ worth of sexual harassment allegations.

🏈High school football: The head coach from Duxbury High School’s football team in Massachusetts was fired after using anti-Semetic words as play calls in the team’s recent home opener. Horrifying and disgusting. Can people stop being terrible so we don’t have to keep sharing awful news, please?