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The big picture


March 16, 2020
The big picture

The GIST: Here’s how we see it: yes, during a pandemic, sports are pretty insignificant. But, it’s okay to be bummed about all this. You can understand the reasons behind the cancelations and postponements and appreciate the efforts to keep athletes, coaches, staff and fans safe and still be sad that we’ll be without sports for a while. For so many, sports are an escape. We use them as a distraction, a getaway, a respite from the real world. They provide unity and hope in times of tragedy and struggle.

  • This is the first international event that any of us will go through without the comforting distraction of sports. It’s going to be difficult. It’s going to be long. It’s probably going to be boring. But we’ll still be here (in our respective homes, self-isolating) and we encourage you to reach out to us. Send us a tweet, drop us a line, slide into our DMs. Sports may be on hold, but the sports community is still going strong.