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Women's March Madness: Let me take you dancing


The GIST: Gender disparity? In the NCAA women’s and men’s Div I basketball tournaments? In this economy?

March 22, 2021
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

The great divide: The sports world was fired up this weekend (and rightfully so!) after Oregon Duck Sedona Prince called out the very obvious behind-the-scenes differences between the men’s and women’s tournaments. 

  • After pro athletes and the media joined Prince’s call for action, the NCAA finally took full responsibility for the unequal treatment and “fixed” some of their mistakes.
  • The NCAA also vowed to do better moving forward. Thanks for doing the bare minimum!

Moving along: The women’s tournament began yesterday and so far, no major upsets. No. 1 Stanford, the top team in the Alamo region and the entire tournament, started their run to the championship with a score win over Utah Valley last night, and the top seeds in all three other regions — UConn, South Carolina and NC State — won as well.

  • Fun fact: the higher seed won every matchup in all 16 games played yesterday, including all eight first round games in the River Walk region

Still to come: Another 16 games are set for today, including the No. 2 seeds in the Alamo, Hemisfair and Mercado regions: Louisville, Maryland and Texas A&M. And the round of 32 begins tomorrow. Check out the full schedule here. Let’s focus on the court now, shall we?